Town of Kfeir

The 82nd Annual Kfeirian Reunion will be held in
 Huntington, WV  
Aug. 30 - Sept. 1

Pullman Plaza Hotel
Call for Reservations at

 Kfeir Travel


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Nueden by Rev. David Thabet (Christian/Fiction)

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A group of courageous sons and daughters from Kfeir, a small village in Lebanon, left their homeland in pursuit of a dream in America. They gathered in 1932 to reminisce about their land and their roots. They founded the Kfeirian Reunion Foundation and pledged to meet each year with their families, ensuring that their descendants would carry on the tradition. Although their descendants have spread far and wide, the Kfeirian Reunion continues in their memory today. The Kfeirian members come from across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. We hold our annual reunion in various cities, from the Ohio/ West Virginia area, where our early immigrants originally settled, to new and exciting locations such as Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami and LA! We celebrated our 80th anniversary in 2012, an amazing accomplishment. We hope to see you at an upcoming reunion!

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